4 Styles To Help You Get Rid of Clingy Yoga Pants

We may have grown accustomed to our butt-hugging yoga pants over the past few decades, but that doesn’t mean we all love wearing them. Yoga pants are a step up from the leotards of the 1980s and they’re certainly not as frumpy as sweatshirts. That doesn’t mean we’re all totally comfortable with the unforgiving cling of yoga spandex, or the way that some brands seem to always become sheer in certain positions. If you’re one of those people who would rather have a little more room to breathe while doing your poses and a few other safe options for your bottom half besides black, there’s good news on the fashion front for you. In much the same way as we are seeing more flowy and baggy pants in mainstream fashion, the yoga world is expanding to include more options. Lines for both men and women are producing roomy and colorful pants that can be worn both in class and afterwards.

Listed below are descriptions of some of the new types of pants available.

Low-Cut Harem Pants

Among the new, more breathable yoga pants options are many different takes on harem pants. Some are exaggerated versions, like the Buddha Pants, which the designer claims are a hybrid of the Indian shalwar pants (pajama-like trousers), harem pants, and “gypsy pants.” These pants look almost like a long, triangle-shaped skirt when worn, but the bottom of each leg is loose enough that it can be pulled up at the ankle to make a different look. This provides for maximum flexibility during yoga classes and different looks during the day. The Buddha Pants can be folded up and stowed into its own pocket, and since they are meant to look wrinkled, they are great for travel.

These are designed for both men and women.

High-Cut Harem Pants

Another version of the harem pant is the high-cut version. This version is loose and slouchy like the low-cut harem pant, but the dropped crotch is not nearly as exaggerated and it’s clear they are pants, rather than a skirt. The legs are often gathered at the ankle with elastic.

Athleisure Capri Harem Pant

An adaptation on the harem pant is a hybrid of the less exaggerated harem pant and the usual yoga athleisure pant offered by some of the better known athletic companies like Nike and Adidas. These pants feature the usual high-tech, moisture-wicking fabric of athletic clothing, and are cut off below the knee. At the inseam, however, they fit loosely like a harem pant and are therefore more comfortable and flattering.

Slouchy cropped trousers

Lightweight, brightly printed cotton trousers have a loose enough fit to allow for yoga poses and are slouchy at the waist. The legs are cropped and can slide up and down according to needs of poses. These are very similar to the traditional Indian shalwar pants.