Stiletto Yoga

Whether you are a certified fashionista or an office girl following a dress code; wearing high heels can be sometimes dangerous. This pair of footwear has been around for ages, and though the cost of wearing one has been obvious, many women nowadays still wear 5-inch high heels or stilettos. They give a tall, smart look. They make your legs seem longer, and they promote correct posture. The confidence boost that a lot of women get from wearing this feet-damaging pair of shoes outweighs the possible injuries they can get.

Comfort Before Fashion

From dinner dates to walking on red carpet, high heels are considered as your dress’ best buddy. It polishes the overall look to another level. Some people may be obligated to wear a stiletto, while others choose it to make a fashion statement. Despite the reason, the injuries and damage it can cause when constantly used must be considered.

Pain everywhere! High heels tend to absorb less shock than other kinds of footwear. Your feet naturally rotate as you walk, and because they are forced to straighten up, this rotation is blocked. When this happens, all the shock is directly absorbed by your ankles and knees, leading to joint pain and arthritis. This also shortens your Achilles tendon. Therefore, when you wear flats and this tendon is stretched, it causes immense pain. Wearing high heels also requires balancing on the balls of your feet which sends your pelvic floor forward. This puts your lower back on a lot of strain and causes lower back pain. Forcefully fitting into tight pointed shoes will also cause you to develop painful calluses. The most common form of pain is falling and accidentally twisting your ankles.

Muscle Reeducation. Stiletto Yoga classes are intended to reverse the effects of wearing high heels and reeducate all the muscles involved how to properly distribute weight. Here is an easy-to-follow exercise that’ll help familiarize your muscles with proper weight distribution and ease out muscle compressions. So, take off those lovely 5-inch plus high heels. Pamper your feet as you learn how to rock your walk comfortably!

Ease It Out! Perform this easy-to-follow practice every day and help your muscles feel comfortable wearing your most-loved high heels.

Training Your Feet. Begin by standing with your feet together and extend your arms forward, palms are facing the ground. Keep your gaze on a point and slowly begin lifting your heels, keeping the balance at the balls of your feet. Once you have stabilized yourself with heels lifted, gently lower down by bending your knees. Then, send your hips a bit forward to tuck your tailbone. Inhale, suck your belly in, and then, exhale as you slowly lower more until your butt rests on your heels. Stay in this position for five breaths. Stand back up to release with your heels still lifted.

Relaxing Tensed Muscles. Performing a Downward-Facing Dog gives the Achilles tendons, calves and lower back a stretch that’ll surely remove all pressure your body acquired by using high heels.
To do the pose: Start with your hands and feet planted on the ground. Make sure that your hands are parallel to your shoulders and knees are parallel to hips. Curl your toes and straighten your legs up to form an inverted V position. Push away from the ground and keep your gaze on your toes. Stay in this position for five breaths. You can intensify the stretch by alternately bending your knees as you breathe. Lower down to your knees to release.

Wearing heels can make a fashion statement and may be a great confidence booster. However, wearing it on a constant basis can cause damage to your health. So, remember to practice how you can equally distribute your weight, and always give your feet the rest and stretch they need to fight any possible injuries. Practice and you’ll surely run with your high heels on ‘comfortable’ in no time!