4 Tips to Keep Your Yoga Outfit Simple

Do you ever worry that your yoga outfit might be too extravagant for a class? Your yoga practice is designed to help you shift your focus inward and tap into your true potential. When your outfit is unnecessarily loud, you may struggle to maintain that same spiritual focus. Sometimes, simplicity truly is the key to helping you keep your attention on the things that matter most.

What steps can you take today to help keep your yoga outfit simple? We thought you may welcome some of these styling tips to help keep your attention on your practice this year.

Opt for clothing that fits you comfortably.

An outfit that doesn’t fit you properly is bound to become complicated. You may feel like you need to add layers over or under a too-loose top. A pair of yoga leggings that are too big may be a constant source of annoyance. It may sound like common sense, but the first trick to a simple yoga outfit is to choose pieces that fit you comfortably.

This means more than simply clothing items that hug your curves in a flattering way. Anything you choose for a potential yoga outfit should be able to move and bend with you throughout every asana. If a pair of high-waist yoga leggings make you feel more comfortable, go ahead and wear them! You should choose clothes that make you feel good about yourself.

Choose neutral colors.

Are you concerned that your outfit may make you stand out in a yoga class? Some individuals prefer to shift the attention away from them, particularly when they’re in an awkward yoga position. Consider selecting neutral colors for your wardrobe instead of brighter shades. This makes your outfit very basic but timeless.

It will also allow you to mix and match your favorite pieces with other items in your closet. You’ll get more wear out of your favorite items and make them worth the financial investment.

Leave the jewelry at home.

Is there anything more distracting than the clanking of metal bangles during a series of sun salutations? Not only can the sound be distracting to classmates, jewelry can also be a significant source of frustration for you. Long necklaces and dangling earrings can easily become safety concerns as well. You can simplify your overall outfit by leaving all jewelry at home during your practice.

Invest in high-quality pieces.

You want to purchase clothing items that are going to last for more than a few classes. Instead of buying five pairs of mediocre quality yoga pants, invest in just a couple pairs of higher quality ones. This can often mean getting thicker fabrics that are less translucent and give you a greater degree of comfort overall. Particularly if you’re purchasing neutral colors, these high-quality staples will make a frequent appearance in your everyday wardrobe.

You can keep your yoga outfit simpler by following these key styling tips. With your yoga outfit taken care of, you can turn your mind to more important things during your practice.